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Why Choose RefiJet As Your Car & Auto Refinance Company?

Who has your best interests in mind? Your mom? Your spouse? NO! We do. Yes us, your future refinance partner. Let us assign you a personal RefiJet concierge to help you start down the path to spending less of your hard earned money on your car payment.

Do you want to lower your monthly payment, change the term of your loan, reduce the amount financed, reduce your interest rate, or be an MMA fighter – we can help (not with the MMA part, there you’re on your own). But, we’ll make sure you understand exactly what you are getting and make it easy to complete the process.

It’s not just us saying it. Our customers and our partners regularly recognize our strength, inner-beauty, and, of course, our excellent customer service.

“That’s perfect! What could possibly be better than that?”, you ask. “We don’t even charge a fee for our services”, we reply.

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3 Big Reasons to Refinance with RefiJet

Fast. Hassle-Free. Awesome.

We’re going to make refinancing your vehicle painless. Dozens of pages of documentation? We’re going to fill them out and submit them for you. You don’t even need to get out of bed.

We’ll make figuring out the right loan for you like being on The Bachelor… We’ll weed out the lenders that don’t fit your specific situation and present you the options that make the most sense for your needs, not theirs. Then you get to tell us who gets the rose.

Personal Concierge: Start to Finish

You will get your own personal financial services concierge who will be responsible for handling everything throughout your refinance, from start to finish.

Your concierge will help you identify the right loan to fit your specific needs, get the all of the paperwork filled out and submitted for you (Wait, what? No paperwork?!) and even work with your lender to pay off your current loan. Our mission is to make your refinance easy. That’s just what we do.

Secure Technology

Unlike some of our competitors, securing and protecting your personal information is a number one priority.

We won’t ever email or text your information (or ask you to) – because we won’t risk exposing your information to cyber criminals. Unfortunately, many of our competitors don’t share our security concerns and regularly expose their customer’s data to potential hackers.